Queen Mug-Ra-Pork

"Bring me more gold, and then begone! AND WHERE IS MY DINNER?"

Queen Mug-Ra-Pork is the greedy and heartless ruler of the Mugros. She lives in the Mugshot Desert.


Queen Mug-Ra-Pork is a very large Mugros with a fat body that hunches in the upper back, a blue face, and four blue arms, two with two claws and two with three claws. She has four large tusks, eight red eyes with prominent eyelashes, and a golden crown embedded with a ruby. Her stinger is as large as a human hand.


She is extremely greedy and only cares about food and precious items, ignoring her loyal subjects. Some say the jewel she wears in her crown was stolen from Zeath, but others claim it was originally the Piranoids'.


  • Queen Mug-Ra-Pork is based on Queen Slug-for-a-butt, the final boss in Earthworm Jim.
  • She is the only female Mugros in the entire Mugros nest, and thus is always pregnant with five to six babies at a time. This is why she is so fat. Another reason she is fat is that she enjoys fast food.
  • She is very cranky when she does not get what she wants.
  • The jewel in her crown is actually a plastic kid's toy. She thinks it looks more realistic than an actual ruby.


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