Art by FlamingoPhoenixFeathers, and info by ZL123.
 General Information
Scientific Name figuran connosus consut
Common Name Queez
Pronunciation KWEEZ
Class Figuran
Family Connosus
Counterparts unknown
Locations Everywhere
List Number 1C.1
Generation 1
Rarity Common
 Complien Information
Elements Plain
Gender Unisex
Status Alive
Sapience Animalistic
Instinct unknown
Grows into Redden
Grows from N/A
Alternate forms of Growth N/A
Queezes are everywhere, and are an exteremely common Compliens, approximately making up 2% of the overall Complien population. They are a Plain Element Compliens that grow into Reddens.


Queez look 2D from a distance, but looking at them from the side reveals that they are 3-Dimensional. Queezes have many different shapes and many different colors. There are an estimated 1,000,000 different combinations of shape and colour for a Queez to have.


There are different names for different types of Queezes.


  • Circle - Cirqueez
  • Oval - Queeval
  • Heart - Hearqueez
  • Ring - Ringueez


  • In General - Polyqueez
  • Triangle - Triangueez
  • Square - Squareez
  • Rectangle - Rectangueez
  • Diamond - Diaqueez
  • Pentagon - Pentaqueez
  • Hexagon - Hexaqueez
  • Heptagon - Heptaqueez
  • Octagon - Octaqueez
  • Nonagon - Nonaqueez
  • Decagon - Decaqueez
  • Trapezium - Trapequeez
  • Parallelogram - Parallequeez
  • Star - Starqueez
  • Any Irregular Polygon - Irrequeez




  • All Queezes are about one to five nobbs wide and two to six nobbs high, but some Queezes can grow up to 12 nobbs wide and 15 nobbs high.


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