Qworx Diamond
Element Crystal
Effects Decreases spell energy use
Source Otally
Description A large white gemstone.
Qworx Diamonds are rare gemstones.


They are very expensive due to their rarity and beauty. They are mostly found underground on the coast of Otally, already completely cut and polished.

Nobody knows where Qworx Diamonds originally came from, but in addition to their carbon lattice, they contain a mix of frostium and repintominium that focuses the mind and increases spell damage when held close to the body. They are very durable and can survive extreme pressures before being crushed into diamond dust, frostium, and repintominium.

They are surprisingly malleable for a crystal and can be gently hammered into shapes.


  • Qworx Diamonds are named after their discoverer, John Strangename Qworx.

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