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How Raeth looks from space.

Raeth no ozones

A deep-scan picture of Raeth's force field.

Raeth Surface

A picture of Raeth's surface.

Raeth is the Humanoids' planet in the solar system Bloggurt. It is home to very few Compliens.


Raeth is approximately 6500 kilometers wide. It is a very protected planet, with two ozone layers, an extremely pressurized layer, a near-invisible ring of extremely fast and sharp meteoroids, and even a natural force field, which disintegrates all organic objects that are not Humanoids.


  • Raeth's crust is made up of feldspar and granite, with a mantle of semi-molten quartz and orthoclase and a core of solid algdya at its center.
  • Raeth has no moons, making it pitch-black at night. 
  • Raeth's ring of meteroids moves around the planet, constantly moving around Raeth. The movement of this ring is very unpredictable and appears to have no pattern.

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