Robotato is a Cyborg Complien and the evolved form of Spudnic. It speeds through the skies at incredible speeds destroying anything in its path to show off its power. it is the last evolution in the mecha-potato line, the first being



Like its pre-evolutions, Robotato looks like a potato with two glaring yellow eyes. It is encased in an impregnable exo-skeleton connected to its body by red wires. the casing has two arms and two leg like engines enabling flight.


The Mogurians quickly discovered the flaws in their previous slaves, the Spudnics, and decided to warp and upgrade the poor complien once more into Robotato. However, with the unimaginable strength and firepower the Complien now had, the Robotato betrayed there masters and set themselves free. Not that this was particually good for the Mogurians enemies as Robotato likes to destroy anything it sees. It may just be that being free makes this Complien ironically more of a threat to the world.


  • There arms can fire missiles, fire, electricity or storms of mini-bombs.


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