General Information
Scientific Name douje alenpoe rouge
Common Name Ruemorgue
Pronunciation rue-morgue
Class Douje
Family Alenpoe
Counterparts unknown
Locations Around Lestums
List Number 27
Generation 2
Rarity Rare
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Male/Female
Status Alive
Sapience Proto-full
Instinct Dense Coat or Protective
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown
Ruemorgues are devil dogs known as the Rogue Complien.


It wears a red cape and a collar on its shoulder. It also wears black boots. It has a furry red tail. 


Roumes are mostly playing partners with young Lestums. They will race 5 km and can exercise for a full 5 hours. They often steal peoples things by hiding in bushes and swipe your stuff quickly before you could even turn around. It feeds on what it can steal from people.


Ruemorgue-portrait Ruemorgue

This Complien does not evolve.


  • They are distantly related to Lestums.
  • Their names are a mix of rue and morgue.
    • Rue Morgue is actually something violent that I don't want to talk about.
  • The short form for its name is Roume (pronounced Rome).