Saamtwurms are very dangerous Compliens. When a Flaatwurm evolves, it becomes a Saamtwurm.


A Saamtwurm has an glowing orange head with a yellow center, a blue body with a yellow streak across it, steel spikes on its back, and a purple stinger.


Saamtwurms bury through the ground, occasionally bursting out to absorb things to eat. They impale enemies with their spikes and can swim very well. By poisioning things with its stinger, a Saamtwurm can reproduce. Poisoned things slowly grow in size until they explode into hundreds of tiny Flaatwurms and globs of more poison.


  • A Saamtwurm's head is extremely hard, making it easier to plow through dirt and rock.
  • The spikes on a Saamtwurm's back are made of titanium, wheat, and old shoes.

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