Science-type lord
Scibizix, is a special Psy and Cyber-type Complien created by humans.


Scibizix have looks like a tall Complien who is wearing a lab coat. on his back are four cables attached to his back.


Formerly a Scienot, Scibizix was suffering from a severe condition that would not let him last much longer. Fear broke loose, as Scibizix was one of the most well-known minds in Complien society, being able to solve any equation in a mere few seconds, and opening many new scientific possibilities unseen to mankind before he entered. However, by combining past parts of his old body with that of a Scienec that had donated its body to Science upon its death, Scibizix was allowed to live once more.


  • Vultramus was once the student of Scibizix, before he joined the Mogurians.