Scovinzxes are one of the most mysterious Compliens ever alive (maybe not...). Only shadows are seen of them, although their shadows are colored. No-one knows what a Scovinzx is. No-one even knows if they exist.



A Scovinzx has a purple-and-yellow shadow. Nothing else is known. Perhaps there is a glow of light around a Scovinzx.


Scovinzxes' shadows often appear near giant, shady spruce and redwood trees. Several ideas on the Scovinzx:

  • The shadow is the top view of the Scovinzx, and the side parts are wings; or it is the bottom view, with the same theory.
  • The shadow is the front view of the Scovinzx, and the yellow bulb-shaped blob is the head, with the purple ones the legs.
  • The shadow is the back view of the Scovinzx, and the yellow blob is the tail, with the purple ones the hind legs.
  • The shadow is simply made of objects like a hill, with a refraction of color.
  • Maybe it is not a shadow at all, and the "shadow" is actually the Scovinzx digging through the ground.


  • A Scovinzx has been spotted twelve times, all but one near spruce/redwood trees, that had a diameter of 6Hn of the outer rim of the leaves.


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