Sfleame is the Floating Complien, is the grown form of Shoam. It belongs to the Water and Air Elements.


It has two formes with different appearances.

  • Float Forme - It has a large blue shell on the outside, with more blue, smaller layers on the inside of it. The middle layer has 2 arms coming from the green spots that were on its pre-evolution. In the center is the true body, with 2 eyes and a mouth. There is a yellow tube in the middle to help it float on water. It has 2 beige feet and out back is a long tail with many floating ornaments to help it stay afloat.
  • Dive Forme - Its shells now are on the back instead of surrounding it, leaving the body inside exposed. It has small gills, only active in this forme so it can breathe underwater. The ornaments on its tail have deflated, and the tube surrounding only appears as a small ring.


It has adapted to live both on land and in the sea. It hunts underwater, as on land, the shell mostly blocks its face. It however only hunts alga an  other small plant-like lifeforms, so it isn't anything dangerous. It can be kept as a pet, but it is recommended a lake, pond, creek, or river is near your house so it can be fed. Sfleames aren't hostile, even less so than the friendly Hieleos, meaning they shouldn't be hard to tame. They also are more independent as Sfleames, meaning that often they won't group up and block off ships.


Shoam ShoamSfleame Sfleame


  • Due to HellPikachu's retirement, CompliensCreator00 made Sfleame.

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