General Information
Scientific Name trieye/monohorn/triarm/tritail satyb
Common Name Sliconoid
Pronunciation sly-coh-noid
Phylum Trieye/Monohorn/Triarm/Tritail
Locations Places with easily choppable objects
Rarity Rare
 Humanoid Information
Element(s) unknown
Sapience Fully sapient
Sliconoids are Humanoids engineered with a love for blades. Their minds are conditioned to enjoy slicing things up with sharp things, especially people.


Sliconoids are used in the Humanoid army as close-combat infantry to repel anything in a very short range. However, when not in combat, Sliconoids find it hard to adjust to civilian life, and often go on rampages if they don't find a good outlet for their urges, like being a chef or butcher.


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