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Soards is an All Element Complien and one of the middle-class protectors of good and light.


Soards looks like a yellow person in a bright orange robe. He has triangle-shaped eyes, wears a black and blue conquistador hat, and holds a green sword and a yellow shield. He has two other swords strapped to his back and two yellow bandoliers over his shoulder and hip. Soards's shield is decorated with purple markings and his sword is green with a blue handle and a red pommel.


He controls all types and is proficient in most of them. He is occasionally used by the gods to protect the innocent and destroy evil, but isn't been seen in action much anymore. He can hover in air and his shield can deflect most projectiles, but degrades under heavy melee beating. His swords are very sharp and can cut through even steel and bone with ease, but can't break through things like Dark Ore or Amadantion. He still hates Mogurians because he was one of the top fighters in the C/HvM War and sliced through hundreds of them, which is one of the reasons why he isn't very popular.


Soards Soards

This Complien does not grow.


  • He has never been seen outside of his robe.
  • He wears black fireproof gloves because his swords can light on fire at his command.
  • Soards's name is based on the word "swords".


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