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 General Information
Scientific Name ''unknown''
Common Name Sofeminys
Pronunciation So-femi-nys
Class unknown
Family unknown
Counterparts unknown
Locations unknown
List Number unknown
Generation unknown
Rarity unknown
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Female
Status unknown
Sapience unknown
Instinct unknown
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown
 The Sofeminys are the what female Solupires evolves into, they are not so evil as the males, but are still as hungry.


They are tall and attractive. Their faces are cute to look at, witch they uses to fool Compliens or Humanoids into their very own doom. Their legs are never seen, because they lower parts are covered in a dress.


They looked at as some of the most attractive Compliens known, but not the nicest ones. They also uses dark spells on their enemies. They evolves into the Soluria.


Solupires.2 Solupires♀ → Sofeminys.2 SofeminysSoluria Soluria


  • They are named the dreaming demons by Mogurians.
  • They say that when you see them for the fists time, you will always dream about them, in your nightmares.


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