Somstetro are usually happy care free creatures, unless someone mistakes them for a hat. Then they will turn violent.... Somstero evolves into Topstetat.


Somstetro looks like like a hat, not unlike a sombrero or a stetson. he is red with yellow stripes and a big happy face.


They cannot walk. Luckily they don't eat either so this is fine. most Somstetroes only ever move in there life time after being picked up and carried away in the mistaken belief that they are a hat. They don't usually get far as they turn violent and will be dropped, thrown away. Somstetroes evolved form Topstetat reproduce asexually. When they explode they produce spores which will be blasted for miles in every direction. As soon as they land, they sprout almost instantly into Somstetroes and aquire the dormant smile that they will use for most of there 400 year life-span.


  • There name derives from sombrero and stetson.
  • they never blink. Ever.


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