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Animated Spin-a-bot.

The Spin-a-bots were Humanoid military robots used in the Complien-Humanoid War. After the war, they were shut down and thrown away. Later, some of the robots were re-activated by Mogurian energy and joined the other Humanoid robots in moving around like zombies and attacking anyone or anything that comes close.

Their appearance is very basic. They have a rounded cube head, a long body, four tiny block-like legs, and no arms. They have two red eyes and a blue grill for a mouth. The possessed ones have blinking purple eyes and a lavender grill. Spin-a-bots have notches at their neck and torso, where sharp spinning blades protrude. These blades are extremely dangerous, as the Spin-a-bot can shoot them at enemies and they return like boomerangs. They have a round dome-shaped light on their heads that lights up when activated, as well as a tiny rocket booster protruding from its bottom. The rocket booster only serves to slow down descent, if ever, and cannot actually allow the Spin-a-bot to fly.

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