Star dusk
Star Dusk is a dense, grainy powder made from ground up shooting stars and plasma nuggets.


Star Dusk is infused with space and time energy. It is eaten by some Cosmic-type, Void-type, and Time-type Compliens to evolve and strengthen themselves.

When ingested, Star Dusk causes spells to be learned earlier than the usual level required and temporarily increases spell and instinct effects. It also boosts attack and accuracy stats at the cost of defense.


  • A small amount of natural star dusk can be found in space due to shooting stars colliding with each other.
  • Occasionally, ingesting a large amount of Star Dusk at once will powerute the eater if they are Cosmic-type, Time-type, or Void-type.
  • Star Dusk tastes like powdered sugar mixed with sand.

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