Gem's Swamalet (Color) (Originally Oceammer)

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Swamalets are amphibious and aggressive Compliens that live deep in swamps. They are known to drag other Compliens down into the swamp to devour them. Its skin is like acid and contaminates the surrounding water. They are nocturnal compliens and have no eyes, relying on their back spikes to sense sound waves.


It is a green swamp Complien that bears a small resemblance to an axe. It has 2 forms, an aquatic (pictured) and a land form. While in its aquatic form, the Swamalet has tentacles, but the tentacles are swapped with legs in its land form. As it ages, it loses skin and begins to turn red and smell less rotten.


When Swamlets die, they are known to release eggs, regardless of gender, that can hatch into baby Swamalets. It is very territorial. I's diet mainly consists of dirt, algae, and boulders, but it also eats toxic waste.


  • Swamalet is named after swamp and mallet.
  • It was supposed to be called Oceammer, but the creator of this Complien and his friend decided to make it a swamp Complien.


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