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Sworld is a planet in the system Polunski that is home to mostly Flying- and Water-type Compliens. It orbits around the star Yorla.


  • Swind - Swind is a rough moon for Compliens. But it makes a good air surfing arena for flying Compliens. The winds there travel at 500 miles per hour. It is very dangerous and in summer, the winds will be the fastest that it could cut asteroids 5 times bigger than the moon itself. 90% Gas + 10% Solid.
  • Swirludon - Swirludon is a great view for a moon. This time, those swirls are just mountains instead of air. Swirludon also makes a good spot for a honeymoon. But when the time is critical, it is said that it will rotate 9 times faster than its original speed. 20.47% Gas + 56.3% Water + 23.23% Solid.
  • Swattereatenza - Swattereatenza has the most letters among the moons in the Compliens world. It is very cold there and blizzards occur very often. It rotates 10 times slower than the speed the Earth's moon rotates. If anything comes towards it that is more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it will summon a blizzard so great it pushes asteroids away. 15.33% Gas + 1.33% Water, 83.33% Solid.


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Sworld is a very windy planet. The average wind speed of a normal day is 25 km/h. This is due to two factors - the very close distance from it and its sun, and the massive amount of water on the planet. The water absorbs a very large amount of solar energy, releases large masses of water vapor, and creates clashing cold and hot fronts, which leads to many unique swirlstorms. The gusty climate has also caused a lot of selection pressure on the wildlife, leading to flora and fauna specialized to harnessing the wind and water, such as the tiphone and the Flying Frox.

As a result of all of the air and water based organisms, Sworld has the distinction of having civilizations located in both the air and sea as well as land. This makes it very confusingly 3D to tourists from a more 2D planet.


  • The world 'Sworld' comes from 'swirl' and 'world'.
  • Reldrich berries grow in the very few foggy areas of Sworld.

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