Test Experiment 09561
Test Experiment -09561
 General Information
Scientific Name monukranum dephries eckswared
Common Name Test Experiment 09561
Pronunciation test experiment zero nine five six one
Class Monukranum
Family Dephries
Counterparts None
Locations Scienceburg Labs
List Number 3L.4
Generation 3
Rarity Legend
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Genderless
Status Legend
Sapience Proto-sapient
Instinct Toxic Coat
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown
Test Experiment 09561 is an artificially created Life-type Complien. There is only one, and it is kept in Scienceburg Labs.


It looks like a white lemniscate with two pink horns, two pink light-sensing organs floating around inside it, and many pink circles surrounding it.


Test Experiment 09561 was scientifically created by Prof. James Wright as an experiment to see if a Complien could be created without using complixonox as a reactant. By putting various amino acids in a jar full of water and running a strong electric current through it, Prof. Wright managed to create a completely new lifeform - a jar full of water and amino acids.

After several weeks of going nowhere with this, Prof. Wright gave up and stuck a piece of carbonaxe into one of the jars, and Test Experiment 09561 was born.


Test Experiment -09561 Test Experiment 09561

This Complien does not evolve.


  • It is the first test experiment Complien. Prof. Wright just numbered it that because Test Experiment 09561 sounds cooler than Test Experiment 00001.


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