The Beasts are feared cyborgs from Roquelubstur that swarm through the galaxy and destroy any living things they encounter by taking over their technology and assimilating their mass.


Beasts are technopathic creatures made of a metal host and an organic liquid symbiote. Baseline Beasts have about twenty gallons of liquid and a five-foot wide metal sphere core. They can increase their liquid by absorbing organic life (dead creatures cannot be absorbed) and converting it into more liquid, and they can absorb metal and electronics to increase ther metal supply. Beasts can also link directly to electronics and apply small bursts of electricity to control it, but doing this decays the electronics rapidly to chunks of inert metal. They move through space by assimilating into the Mother Beast, whose tough outer chitin protects the liquids inside from vacuum. All Beasts share a hive mind that is connected through the Mother Beast, who acts as a sort of operator that sends signals to and from different Beasts. The King Beast is a large Beast that lives on the Mother Beast and protects it from landing invaders and meteoroids. It is actually an independent part of the Mother Beast only semi-linked to the hive mind, attached directly to the Mother Beast by its feet. The Mother Beast also has a Guardian Beast also semi-linked to the hive mind, which flies around the Mother Beast, firing out smaller Guardian Beasts and occasionally siphoning mass from the Mother Beast to replace the mass fired out.


  • Four types of beast
  • three types of beast
  • Queen Beast with her guardian beast
  • King Beast
  • Basic Beast

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