The Blue Hole.2

The Blue Hole used to be a huge wormhole into the Gami dimension, but after the Gami Crisis, the hole closed all access to that dimension and instead became a void into where black holes usually go.


Before the Gami Crisis, a massive extinction event that destroyed the entire Gami universe, the Blue Hole was a common port for trade between the two worlds. It used to be a weak spot in "Evil"'s prison and next to the Compliens universe, and was torn when "Evil" stuck a claw through it, intending to escape. However, L.E.G. Oliver moved "Evil"'s prison to an area without weak spots and far from the Compliens Universe, but leaving behind a hole in the universe. The infant Gami universe grew and compressed against the then-small Blue Hole, forming a wormhole between the two large enough for planets to travel through. After the Gami Crisis, however, the Blue Hole was left with no exit, and led to the nothing between worlds, beginning to behave more like a normal black hole.


  • Since the Blue Hole was altered to be mainly a secure trade port, it only functions when it detects life in a small vicinity around it. This function is protected against thieves and smugglers, so if you hide from its sight, the Hole keeps closed. This is how many escape the pull of the Blue Hole by hiding behind debris and other things.
  • Morgoth the Humanoid was killed by the Blue Hole.

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