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      • Antheater's design has been in the creators mind for 4 years. Only now has it come to exist. It was originally designed as a pokemon. Amazingly, 4 years later, Heatmor who is practically identical became a real pokemon.
      • Technically, I guess this is the first Complien? Since it was created a year or two before Eggmaton. Now I'm wondering the first Complien to be considered a Complien, since I have a bad memory. It's probably Tileile or Coinbot, while Eggmaton and Tekit were officially declared as Compliens a few days later.
      • Antheater sounds like something that heats ants, or is it? Oh wait it is.
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      • Firigen had the first animated Complien image posted.
      • Warpell had the first animated Complien image in general.
      • Camonoid had the first and third animated Humanoid images. (Spin-a-bots had the second.)
      • Rock Bash had the first animated spell image.
      • Pure Body had the first animated instinct image.
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      • Spirijunk and Peaclock are tied for the two pages with the most categories (25 categories each).
      • Electric Indig can use only two spells, Paralyzer and Electric Indigo Ray, neither of which do much of anything.
      • Almost all of Complipedia's traffic comes from PVZCC (and to a much lesser extent, the Random-ness wiki).
      • More pages link to List of Compliens than to Compliens.
      • At least 753 pages were made in 2011, which is 438 more pages than the next-highest year, 2013.
      • Originally, Devil Cake turned the eater into a monster and Angel Cake reversed it before both were changed to simple marzipan confectioneries.
      • There are 109 more pages with the Masculine Complien category than the Feminine Complien category.
      • Voodolls attack enemies by putting their pins into their body on the area that they want the enemy to be hurt with a pin.
      • Doomfaces can use their face to create anything, even a bomb that has 100000000000000000 guns.
      • The only way to destroy a Doomface is to show it a video game because they blow up when they see one.
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      • The chance of seeing a Calamanite in your entire life is 0.07%.
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      • Tridusks can spread their darkness to humanoids and other enemies, causing them to turn black and fade from existence.
      • Campfiren is able to escape battles by breathing smoke so no one can see it escape. When the smoke clears, it isn't there.
      • Mirrores can reflect any ranged or projectile spell that hits them in a mirrored part, but break easily if they are hit by a melee attack or hit in any rim. Their back has no mirrors and can easily be broken.
      • Biglocks often let out loud cries during every hour, which often shocks those around them.
      • Despite Tyr's smiling face, it feels very deppressed and has a lot going on in its life.
      • The story of how Gulliball came is very similar to the Eggamaton story. One day the creator (as a very young child) stuck a hole in a stress ball then sticked a nerf dart inside it and called it a fantasy monster. that inspired the original design also, this Fantasy Monster didn't have a name at the time.
      • Rockin loves his music. He almost always wears his headphones, even when he sleeps (he listens to the songs in his dreams)!
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