Totallos is a Complien Demi God which have almost every element in existence. He is belived to be the father of all Planis.


He looks like a Personoid/Plani with an extra set of arms. His arms are from Ligth, Earht, Atr, and Natuer. He has two legs which are from Fier and Votl. His head is from Watre and his torso is from Cosmci. He has five sticks, each with an orb representing more elements.


Totallos was one of the demi gods created by L.E.G. Oliver during the beginning of Complanet, making him one of the first of the demi gods created along with Soracle and Luraior. Totallos served for a time, as the king of all Compliens during their primitive days while Oliver was away to create more worlds. However as the Compliens became more advanced, Totallos started to forget the importance of his fellow demi gods, and asked less and less of their aid until he completely cut all ties to them. Then one day, the disaster that ended the ancient Complien civilization happened, and Totallos became the only survivor who remembered what happened that day. But Totallos past actions were not forgotten by the other demi gods, and he was thus banished to a remote island.

While on that island, Totallos grew bored of his lonely life there and then started to collect different materials he could find on the island and then molded them into personoid figures, which he then gave life too by using parts of his own life force. These creatures became the first Planis. However some years later, "Evil"'s demon army attacked Complanet, and Totallos was forced to join the battle in order to protect his children from the demons. Although Totallos succeeded in protecting his children, his fate is still unclear, though Soracle believes that Totallos might have died of old age, because of the draining of his own life force that he used in creating the Planis, which would have weakened him too the point of mortality.


Totallos Totallos

This Complien does not grow.


  • His name comes from "total".
  • He does have an orb for every type, but most of them aren't exposed.
  • He has not been seen since the Ancient Demon War.


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