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Image by Bazil99, concept and information by CompliensCreator00
 General Information
Scientific Name lignica quinpotesem
Common Name Tototomple
Pronunciation TOE-TOH-tom-pʊl
Class unknown
Family Lignica
Counterparts unknown
Locations Tempi Island
List Number 003
Generation 1
Rarity unknown
 Complien Information
Elements unknown
Gender Unisex
Status Alive
Sapience Fully sapient
Instinct unknown
Grows into unknown
Grows from unknown
Alternate forms of Growth unknown
Tototomple is the Totem Pole Complien. It is a Psy-type Complien, the final form of Totom, and the evolution of Totomple.


Tototomple's body is a large, slim cylinder, consisting of five different segments. Each segment witnesses a different expression, with a few unique, yellow markings written across their bodies. The mid-segment contains its arms, and the bottom segment contains its legs. Ultimately, it resembles a Totomple with two more segments and a bit more detail.


Often, circles of Totoms and Totomples will follow Tototomples, since they typically hold large amounts of order over their previous evolutions. Tototomples are known to have intense psychic powers, wich can cause great damage if left unchecked. However, despite being far more powerful than its pre-evolutions in this new form, it also has a disadvantage: the five different faces opperate under separate brains. This can cause troubles when the singular being is trying what to do. Typically, it seems the top face controls the arms, while the bottom face controls the legs, but even this can cause some troubles, since frequently, the two faces combat with each other. However, in the instance that the five heads of the Tototomple do team up, they can cause mass-destruction against foes.




  • Its name is an extended version of Totomple's.
  • It was featured in February 2016.


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