Urians are tiny minions of the Mogurians. They are barely proto-animalistic and explode into a puddle of mogurixonox in one kick.


They do most of the grunt work for the Mogurians and never question it. They aren't much of a threat to the Compliens, but can be dangerous in large numbers, as multiple Urians in one spot develop a sort of hive mind. This hive mind, if properly controlled, is smart enough to coordinate attacks or form large structures made of Urians, but if a Urian hive mind isn't located and dealt with in time, it may notice how little Urians are on the totem pole of society, and organize an uprising.


  • There have been thousands of Urian revolutions so far, and at least three have won. However, Urians are just too convenient for the Mogurians to give up.


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