Hello, Complipedia users, welcome to the "Weekly" "Complitition"! As an age-old tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, nobody has won the previous Weekly Complition. Congratulations, nobody! You have received the reward of a flock of prize sheep, available at your local cyclop's cave.

Judging from CelestialHealix's Complitition having favorable "results", it seems that point-based gamification is the only way to get people to participate in these things. To this end, I have constructed an elaborate system of checks and balances in order to count how many fusions people have made, because I've just remembered that fusions are a thing.

This Complitition's goal: to make fusions!

Each different fusion fully written out grants two points. Creating an image for a fusion grants an additional point. (You get no points if you don't copy fusions between both component Complien fusion pages, so keep your fusions consistent.) (You can get points for imaging any fusion, even those not yours or not made for the contest.)

The winner receives the fabulous prize of some custom-made dank memes by yours truly.

Let the weekly Complitition begin!


  1. KP - 2 points
  2. P - 1 point
  3. CC00 - 0 points
  4. DH - 0 points
  5. FPF - 0 points

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