A Human Puppet by Walkingpalmtree
Valis Proct is one of the more well known members of the Mystask Complien.


He is a personoid with a purple arm, a mask over his face, and a tacky blue vest.


Valis Proct was an incredibly powerful Psy-type Complien. He was incredibly wealthy and was even ruling over all of Complanet together with Ytrazona when she tried to take over. He was later killed by an enraged Zeath after Ytrazona was murdered by Valis since she tried to leave with Zeath.


  • Ytrazona - in Valis and Ytrazona's younger years they where good friends, but that all changed when she started to be more with Zeath (both age 10) than with him, and Valis had a secret crush on Ytrazona. When Valis father died, he was then crowned king over an isle, thus giving him less time to be with Ytrazona. But one day Ytrazona (both Valis and Ytrazona where 21 years old at that point) and asked him to join her in conquering Complanet, this gave Valis the opertunity to ask Ytrazona to marry him.
  • Zeath - Valis at first where a bit suspious about Zeath, but started to get better along with him. Until Ytrazona and Zeath started to be more together, and when Valis was crowned king and got less time to see the others, his dislike for Ytrazona and Zeath's relationship grew into hatred. His blood really started to boil when Zeath and Ytrazona where going to the Halloween party. 


  • He is one of the few Compliens who looks the closest to a human.

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