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Vulkan is the evolution of Pawis. He is the final evolution of Sunog.


Raised in an impoverished slum of Viskraug, then capital of Makna, Vulkan and his adoptive family held few possessions or luxuries to their name, but worked tirelessly and industriously to remain afloat. Despite his bleak prospects, the future Mage, christened by his parents Vulkanis Kethvanis, displayed an uncanny precociousness, and an irrefutable aptitude for magic, even during his youth. Local authorities took notice, and offered him a fully-paid scholarship to The Arcane Institute of Makna, the planet's premier magical academy, where he honed his skills and showcased his academic talent. Vulcan selected Fire-Based Magic as his specialty, displaying the remarkable ability to bend flames at will. Despite his newfound successes, or perhaps because of them, Vulkan grew arrogant and complacent, wielding his immense power with impunity, and caring little for the Institute's numerous regulations. His hot-headed temper proved to be his Achilles' heel, when, while on leave from the academy, The wizard of flam returned to the slums he once called home, greeting his unfathomably proud parents with an air of pretentiousness. He dared to demonstrate to them at his welcoming party a spell known as "The Dancing Dragon", an exhaustingly difficult spell that entailed the creation of brilliant wisps of multicolored flame in the visage of a dragon. Vulkan, however, had overestomatoes his own abilities, and sent a stray fireball sailing into the awestruck crowd and igniting his childhood home. While most were able to escape, the prodigy's ailing mother was caught in the blaze and, despite her son's most valiant attempts to rescue her, was tragically crushed beneath a loose. The death was ruled by Makna's authorities to be a result of the building's faulty architecture, and Vulkan was merely fined for the damages sustained in the inferno. Vulkan returned to The Institute a changed man; realizing the error of

(to be continued)

Killled Victims

The Barricade and Death

Vulkan led the rebels into battle against the humanoids that tried to invade the Magical Academy. Vulkan barricaded the area along with the other rebels. When they were overwhelmed, Vulkan was the last one standing. He defiantly raised the rebel flag as he was shot dead. Vulkan's corpse obliterated the barricade with an Inner Flame.


  • Vulkan is based off a Fire Wizard from Wizard 101.
  • Vulkan's death is based off Enjolras' death from Les Miserableś.
  • Vulkan is Daniel17's favorite Complien.


Vulkan's Moveset




Voltaic Havoc



Draconian Blaze



Inner Flame




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