A great as deadly Widownist.

Widownists are giant widow spiders that has 8 red eyes and 8 gray legs. Each leg has a red ripped robe on it. It has red diamond shapes on its body. It also has an armor behind its head. It is a Horror-type Complien.


Widownists are very annoying yet scary fiends that crawls through dark and abandoned places. They often go to a deserted castle where there are Lestums which are their favourite food. Even though the Lestums can fly, the giant spider can catch it using a web that is made out of hot lava, making the Lestum fall and die. If the Lestums do not satisfy this great giant spider, it will go search for a Lazeum which is bigger than Lestums. A Widownist can weigh up to 679 pounds and could have a length of 6 meters and 3 metres high!


  • Widownist's name comes from the spider named "Black Widow Spider".