"I am not a plaything for you and your cruel ways, im a Complien, i am a hero, and i am never going to fall under your control" Zeath to "Evil"

Zeath is the Reaper Complien, belonging to All Elements, and a Demigod. He is one of the most well know Compliens on Complanet and beyond. Because of this, he have made many enemies. His brother is Rebirtha and is Legges "son"


He looks like a red ghost wearing a robe that ends in a mess of smoke. He has yellow eyes that don't have any pupils. He has a red face, yellow V-shaped unibrow, a tattered black shirt with two skulls on it, and the Sorrow Staff.


Zeath is one of the Complien Demi gods, and is one of the youngest, being only 1000 years old. He is however, one of the strongest of the Demi gods, and have saved the Complien race on many occations, though he regrets some of his actions in those moments, for example, he is the cause of the destruction of Godhet Isle, and the death of all the Compliens on that island, something that many have still not forgiven him for. His personality have also made him a target for "Evil" and his plans, and Zeath at times feels like he should exile himself away from Complanet, in fear that his powers will ultimatly lead to its destruction, this have not happend however, because of his father Legges's compation, but after Legges was killed by "Evil", he is worried that he might soon become something that is lurking deep inside of himself, something destructive.



  • His most powerful spell is called Locked Soul and goes like this, "Va-zae-teth-leet-marr-vetha-zhee-gwoo-za-ma-ko-ne-zanth!". It has only been used twice - once on Valis Proct and once on The Galactic Savior.
  • His name, "Zeath," is based on "Death," a.k.a the grim reaper.
  • Greffter thinks Zeath is a pompous idiot. Mostly out of jealousy for his stature, and some of it for the fact that Zeath keeps throwing unauthorized souls into the Underworld, but also a little bit because Zeath is a little bit of a pompous idiot.
  • He was featured Complien in January 2016.


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